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Am I Depressed? How Do I Know If I Am Depressed and How Can I Help Myself?

Am I depressed or just sad? I feel depressed… but why am I depressed? These are the questions you probably keep asking yourself these days. Depression is a common modern day affliction that many people go through at some stage in their lives. Depression can lead to poor diet, poor sleeping patterns, and various health problems. Let’s take a closer look.

What is depression

Depression can range from mild to severe. At some points in your life you may have experienced emotional ups and downs. Sadness is a common emotion felt during the lows of your life but depression is much more than just sadness. There are people who describe depression as living in a deep hole or a feeling of imminent death. Others describe

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Depression Help: How to Help Someone with Depression

Everyone gets a bad day, but if that bad day lasts for a really long time and starts to ruin the life of a person and the people around him or her, that is no longer just a bad day. That is depression.

As sad as it may seem, depression is prevalent throughout the world and affects a wide range of people from teenagers, to adults, and to the elderly. It doesn’t matter if you’re still in high school or you’re the CEO of a top company. Depression could affect people of any status, age, race, gender, and nationality. It could be a tough battle and could even last for a really long time. If left ignored, denied and untreated, depression could even lead to suicide. Fortunately, hope never runs out and here

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